Schools nowadays use computers, tablets, smart whiteboards, and other technological devices as a part of the learning process. Technology can be used as a tool for delivering education where it is most needed, especial in humanitarian emergencies such as war or natural disasters and learning of technology helps the students to be more skilled and confident.

Blockchain records

Certain institutions see blockchain as a perfect technology to store, track, and use students’ credentials. Blockchain diplomas will allow learners to get fast and convenient access to their records and share this information with potential employers. The records can be used easily at any time as long as they need them.

eEducation apps

The development of the top educational organizations is driven by educational advancements with the appearance of virtual classrooms and few educational programming applications which are promptly accessible in the market. The e-learning business sector is focused on developing the best educational software for schools that encourage a superior and quick learning condition for the students. The increasing significance of e-learning and the most recent educational advancements are ready to drive the development of the top educational software organizations shortly.

AI examination Monitoring

Remote proctoring is the process to authenticate, authorize, and control the online examination process in a scalable manner. the availability of proctors for live proctoring has become a limitation. Not to forget the additional cost involved with it. However, with AI coming into the picture, universities are increasingly embracing auto proctored tests since they are the cheapest solution while maintaining integrity at the same time.